How to convert from TIFF to JPEG

Need a solution for converting TIF to JPG images in no time? Have lots of TIFF files that need to be converter to JPEG and perhaps renamed and resized?

You can easily convert hundreds of TIF pictures to JPG, with our software product, BatchPhoto. BatchPhoto does his job very fast since it takes advantage of multi-core processors when converting your files.

The program can read from and write to more than 120 image file formats, including: JPG/JPEG, PDF, TIF/TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP/Bitmap, EPS, TGA, PSD and RAW image formats. It can also create PDF documents from your pictures.

BatchPhoto is not only an image converter software, it can also Resize, Watermark, Rename, Annotate with Date/Time and Comments, transform to Sepia, Black & White and much more!

But you can try the fully-featured version of BatchPhoto for free and see for yourself if it's what you need, just click on the "Try it Free" button below!

Many of my projects include still pictures that are submitted from different sources. I get them in various sizes and names and find that batch converting them using BatchPhoto saves me many hours on each project.
Martin Rahn, US — Jackson, NJ


  • Convert images in batch mode (more than 130 image formats supported). With support for digital cameras' RAW images
  • Create PDF albums from multiple photos
  • Apply Watermarks, Annotate and Add Date/Time stamps
  • Resize, Rotate and Crop images
  • Rename images with meaningful names
  • Apply profiles on multiple pictures with the right mouse click directly from Windows® Explorer
  • Use projects and profiles to improve productivity
  • Take advantage of accurate previews for both the original and the enhanced photos